Dah terlalu lama .....................


nak menulis ..... macam-macam hal .. Kalah YB melawat kawasan . Anyway ... seronok sebab ada kesempatan nak menulis . Sementara menunggu En. Suami dan adik-adik nak dinner bersama. Hari ini Birthday En. Suami ...

No words can describe how much i love you
Feeling grateful to have you in my life is endless
Thank you Allah for grace me a husband that appreciate me and loves me

 Happy Birthday Abang , 

May all your wish and your dream come true. May you be wealthy , healthy and happy in what ever you do. 

Just remember ... anything you do there is always me behind you... No matter how hard , no matter how heavy and  through thick and thin . Insyallah , I'll be there for you . 

Ok ,

Quick updated ,

 31st August 2014 - Merdeka and  a short getaway in Melaka.

1st week of Sept 2014  wedding my cousin
2nd week of Sept 2014  Back to Kelantan  for majlis menyambut menantu , akad nikah , kenduri dan menyambut menantu cousin sebelah suami .
Balik KL ... Back to back outstation and Training .


This week balik lagi ke Penang - Urusan keluarga .

So for now .. See you

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