Thursday, April 21, 2011

Warm Color Skin Tone -Match with which color??

Salam sayang , 

"Masih dalam pencarian wedding theme dan masih cuba memujuk en Tunang ."

I came across to this particular blog and the writing is truly interesting.They suggests the best color suit the warm skin tone.Lets read the info down here:

Colors generally can fit into two categories: Warm and Cool. Let's start with warm colors. Warm colors are those that have a yellow base to them. Obvious examples might be orange, golden brown, rust, lime green, peach and the beautiful rich tones of autumn. There are warm variants of nearly every color in the rainbow, including black, which, when you add yellow to it, leans toward a richer brown color. Warm colors look best on women who have that same yellow undertone to their skin.

You can get more info from here Tips for Skin Color.

Let see the autumn tones

Some red with gold and green 

bronze and gold should be the best option

Some other option for autumn tones

and lots of varieties too.

Example for warm colors

Other option also.

No worries to all B2B with warm skin color.There's always solution and the best color suit you. Hope this will give some ideas and guide for B2B out there.Choose the right color for the glowing you on your Big Day.



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