Recipe for Rosemary Roasted Potato

Today's menu Roasted Chicken with side dishes Rosemary  roasted potato,coleslaw and baked vege. Appetiser  Homemade Mushroom Soup and Garlic Bread.

Recipe for Rosemary Roasted Potato 

1.5 kg Chat Potato -cleaned and wash
3 sprigs  rosemary  
1 bulb garlic  
1 lemon
Salt and pepper 
Olive oil


Boiled potato with garlic(do not  peel the skin)  and lemon in a pot for only 15 min.Tossed to dry.

Spread the potato and the condiment  on the tray.Drizzle olive oil and mixed the rosemary.

Baked for 30 min with the temperature  180C .


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