Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Its Wednesday

Its Wednesday ....

Today i'm wearing my jacket with the sleeveless salmon pink tunic with the most comfortable pants that i bought on Monday . To complete the look wearing the Tierack soft Pink scarf . Happily walking here and there in the office .

Until at 11 am.

" Fiza .. cuba ko pusing belakang ... Dah kenapa koyak  kat belakang "

Alamak koyak la... Hahahha pergi toilet menjahit . Trust me i'm not good in sewing  OK!.

p.s : Please keep the mini sewing kit at office so that you will be able rectified any torn clothes or accidentally tear. Mine i save the sewing kit from hotel souvenir. 

Lepas menjahit ... datang pula geng lain.

"Weih buruk nya ko jahit ?.... Nak aku tolong jahitkan ?"

Hahahahahahha thanks for the thought Yanti. I really appreciated that. I'm not good in sewing.

My last effort for the correction . Styling the dress by tucking in my pants.

Aiyoooo... so many tragedy of " koyak " this week . Have to be very careful .

Till then..

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